Johnson City TN Home Specialist: Persistence may or may not pay - a serendipity story

Persistence may or may not pay - a serendipity story

A serendipity that hasn't happened yet - and one from long ago.  The sign was down and the buyers still wanted to see the house which had been "For Sale by Owner" a few days before.  The seller had responded today to my call with a cordial explanation of why the house couldn’t be shown until after the first of the year, but my buyers were ready to make a decision, loved that neighborhood, the outside of the house and the information I’d given them from MLS about when these folks bought it a few years ago .

As we drove by again today, I said impulsively, “Stop in front of the house and let’s just sit for a minute or two.  Maybe there will be a serendipity today and they’ll invite us in.”

I’d told the buyers some of my “serendipity” stories so they knew what I meant.  We sat and waited, talked about the other good houses we’d seen, wished that one had a bigger back yard but noticed the side yard and the wooded lot beside would make that less a negative – and waited.   And waited.   Mackenzie was sure she’d seen someone at the window.   Then Cameron thought he saw someone also.


But no one came.   I got out and took a couple of pictures.    We drove around the cul de sac so we could see the back yard again.   We saw a minute or two more.   No one came.


As we drove away, I remembered another “serendipity” story that I hadn’t thought to add to my large collection, one that I hadn’t thought of for many years.  

A young woman had some cash but low income as a law student, so she needed to find a good assumption, back in the days when one could sometimes find high-balance and relatively low rate interest rate on assumable loans.   As we’d driven down a fairly busy neighborhood street in Silver Spring, MD, she said “We wouldn’t want on a street with this much traffic” – the son was four or five years old.   Then she pointed at a pretty colonial, sort of a distinctive dark-mustard color, and said “But I like the look of that one. “    We continued our search.


A few days later, a woman called me again – she’d been calling for weeks wanting a house with a pool in a specific neighborhood and the answer was always the same, so I said it almost immediately, “What you want is still not on the market.”    She wanted something different that time.   The husband was considering a new job out of state and they needed to sell their home, which had a large VA assumable loan at a good rate. 


 In anticipation of the meeting with the owner, I drove to the address the day before the meeting to scout the territory.   It was that same house that my young client had commented on. 


Something made me take the buyer with me when I first went to meet the owner, and I’d told the seller that I had someone looking for a loan like that.  As we entered the living room, I noticed a man sitting on the sofa, but we were not introduced.

We looked at the house.  It was perfect for her situation – the financing was just right, and there was even a media room in the basement; I hadn’t known that this was something she’d enjoyed before the divorce. 


When she said she wanted to make an offer, and the seller turned to the man and said, “See?”


After the contract was ratified,  I heard  the rest of the story.   The man we hadn’t met was the prospective employer, who understood that the owners hadn’t decided whether or not to take the job – so much to consider – selling the house, etc.   She was confident that if they should take the job, things would work out.    “See?”   They did.


For a few of my dozens of serendipity stories, see

Stay tuned for the next installment of this one, maybe.     



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Mary - the more persistent we are the more serendipities exits.  Great story.

Posted by Grant Schneider, Your Coach Helping You Create Successful Outcomes (Performance Development Strategies) over 6 years ago

The story of the new serendipitiy continues.   Seller has emailed me, we've had a couple of warm exchanges and I think we'll get to see it.   Neat things keep happening.  Wish me luck. 

Posted by Mary Sheridan, Creative Marketing, Buyer Agency 423-943-7655 (Keller Willliams - 1033 Hamilton Place,Johnson City TN 37604) over 6 years ago